Scholarship Name Category Due Date Amount
Bonduel Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Athletic Scholarships 3/2/2018 $750 (2 male athletes and 2 female athletes)
  • 2 or 4 year tech or college eligible
  • 3.0 GPA or better
  • Must complete 8 sports seasons at BHS
  • Must earn a varsity letter in athletics at least 4 times
  • No athletic cold violations in junior and senior year and no more than one in entire high school career
  • Scholarship is awarded at the Spring Sports Banquet; usually held at the end of May.
Application Instructions - Club App instructions 2017.doc
Application Form - Club Application Form 2017.doc
Bonduel Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Business Related Scholarships 4/2/2018 $500


  • Senior must be graduating from Bonduel High School
  • Senior must be accepted to a college at time of award
  • Senior must be going into some type of Business major/program
  • Senior must provide a list of community or volunteer activities (20 hours or more)
  • Recipient will volunteer a shift for the Chamber Chicken Dinner (to be held the weekend of Founders Day).


Scholarship will be due April 1st

Scholarship Amount: $500

Please submit application page and list of community activities with hours to guidance office on or before April 1st.

Application Form - of Commerce Scholarship.doc
BONDUEL HIGH SCHOOL APPLICATION PACKET General 3/2/2018 Varies with each scholarship

This is the Bonduel HS Scholarship packet.  The packet contains 4 scholarships--one application form and an essay specific for each scholarship.  Please read instructions completely and follow exactly.

  • 4 Scholarships in one packet
  • Need to complete ONE application form
  • Need to complete all the essays (4) on Page 6
  • Recommendation letters are required for the packet
  • A transcript is required for the packet---must be requested by Feb. 14nd--no school Feb. 15-16th.
  • The scholarship packet should be submitted in a manila envelope to Mrs. Pleshek by first Friday in March, 3pm.
  • The packet should also be submitted to Mrs. Pleshek's teacher drop box by end of day first Friday in March.   Drop box is labled pleshbev.  Please title your packet accordingly:
    • Example---Sam Smith: Scholarship Packet
Other Information:



1973 Alumni Scholarship

The 1973 Alumni Scholarship was established through a generous donation made by the Bonduel High School Graduating Class of 1973. These funds and possible future funds will be placed in a trust with the Bonduel School District to provide an annual $250.00 scholarship. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Bonduel High School graduate with at least a 2.5 grade point average.
  2. Must be accepted at a qualified college, university or technical institute.
  3. Student must be motivated, show an interest in their community, and show evidence of financial hardship or need.


Bonduel Development Fund Scholarship

The Bonduel Scholarship Development Fund Committee will award scholarships to members of the graduating class. In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship a student must meet the following criteria: (Note: You must meet the criteria, this is not given just because you apply!)

  1. Be a graduate of Bonduel High School.
  2. Have a cumulative grade point average of “C” or 2.0 or above.
  3. Must complete the first fall semester of post-secondary education with a minimum of 2.0 grade point or a “C” average.
  4. Financial needs will be strongly considered.
  5. Scholarship recipients should be goal-oriented, diligent, sincere and honest, as well as being well rounded, with more interests than athletic

Bonduel School Board Scholarship

The Bonduel School Board Scholarship is a donation of funds from current members of the Bonduel School Board. The amount may differ depending on the amounts given by school board members.

Gehler Family Volunteer Scholarship

The Gehler Family Volunteer Scholarship was established in 2011 by Tina Ehorn-Gehler in response to a financial award that she received from the Bonduel Civic Association for her volunteer service in the Bonduel community. Both Tina, and her husband Kent, will offer this scholarship on an annual basis to a graduating senior from Bonduel High School who has volunteered their time to organizations/events throughout their four years of high school. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a graduate of Bonduel High School
  2. Student must be accepted to an accredited college, university or technical institute.
  3. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 grading system while in high school.
  4. Must complete the first semester of post-secondary education with a 2.5 on a 4.0 grading system.
Application - Packet 2017-2018.docx
Bonduel Lions Scholarships General 4/2/2018 $250
  • Must be enrolled in a technical college or 4 year university
  • Recipients of the scholarship must work a shift at the Bonduel Corn Roast first Friday in August.
Other Information:
  • Any graduating senior from Bonduel High School is eligible for the scholarships.
  • In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must be enrolled as of the beginning of second semester of their freshman year. Proof of enrollment will be required.
  • The scholarship will be paid on or after the 15th of January if the applicant is a full-time student at that time.
  • Selection of scholarship winners will be made at a random drawing prior to the date of the Senior Awards Banquet.
  • The Bonduel Lions Club will draw two winners and two alternates.
Application Form - Lions.doc
Community Foundation Scholarships General 3/1/2018 Varies


Bobbie Wendt-Machek Memorial Scholarship Apply at

Bobbie graduated from Bonduel High School in 1984. She attended NWTC and worked at Shawano Medical Center for 28 years as a Hospital Unit Coordinator. Following her retirement, she attended St. Norbert College and became a certified travel agent. Bobbie passed away in September 2016. This scholarship is for those pursuing a degree in medical or healthcare field.


Bonduel Community and Alumni Scholarship Apply at

The Bonduel Community and Alumni Scholarship was established by the Bonduel Scholarship Development Committee through generous donations from community members, alumni members and past graduating classes. These funds and future funds will be deposited with the Shawano Area Community Foundation to provide future scholarships to Bonduel High School students. A scholarship will be offered annually. Student must be motivated and diversified with respect to academics, extracurricular activities, community involvement, humanitarianism, and work ethics.


Bonduel Service Scholarship Apply at

The Bonduel Service Scholarship funded through endowments set by The Strayer Family Fund and the American Legion Post. The scholarship is offered to a qualified student that has completed at least 100 verified community service hours between March of their junior and senior year.


Curtis Grunewald Scholarship Apply at

The Curtis Grunewald Scholarship, formerly the Bonduel Rotary Scholarship will be awarded to a student attending a two or four-year college or a two-year technical college program. Service above self is a qualification for this scholarship.

Grover/Stuff Scholarship Apply at

The Grover/Stuff Scholarship is a financial need based scholarship. The scholarship is to be used for tuition and room and board four-year post-secondary school. Applicants are strongly advised to live on campus. Please make sure to include any scholarships, grants, gifts or financial aid that you will be receiving.

Dean D. Proper Scholarship Apply at

The Dean D. Proper Scholarship is a football or athletic based scholarship. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be a high school senior who has already been accepted to a four year

college or university.

2. Must be a varsity athlete on the football team and on at least one other varsity

sports team for the last three years.

3. Should have attained at least a “B” average (3.0 on a 4.0 system or equivalent)

the last two semesters with a solid trend upwards the last two years if

grades have not always been at that level. (See note below)

4. Should be a motivated person, out for sports and active in school and other

activities as well.

6. NOTE: In addition to your two letters of recommendation, attach a personal letter of recommendation from one of your football coaches. This must be a letter pertaining to your participation in football. It may not be included as one of the three recommendations required as part of this application package. Please attach this letter in a seal envelope to your essay.

This scholarship is not intended for the “best athlete”. The ideal candidate is one who may have had a hard time excelling at everything since a freshman, due to involvement in a multitude of activities or the need to help at home. The candidate may not have the highest grades, but is extremely diversified in interests, has found focus the last year or two and has a good trend going. A straight “A” student could be a candidate, but not necessarily. The heart, focus and future interest of the student should be considered.

Financial need is a relative thing; all students bettering their education have financial need. This scholarship is to be focused on the individual who deserves it for his own effort, rather than factors of financial backing or lack thereof from third parties who may also be supporting the applicant.

NOTE: Individuals receiving the Proper high school scholarship may re-apply in the next years for a subsequent college scholarship if their grade point is “B” or better. This scholarship will be offered to students who remain at college or university. Applications are to be made to the Bonduel Scholarship Selection Committee. The application form will be provided to those students in college during the spring of each year. A copy of the student’s transcript showing the “B” average will be required.


Marie Piehl Dussling & B.P. Dussling Scholarship Apply at

The Marie Piehl Dussling and B.P. Dussling Scholarship is a fund established to expand access to higher education for resident high school graduates of the School District of Bonduel. This is a scholarship dedicated to the memory of Marie and Bernard Dussling by their immediate and extended family. Education is the focus of this scholarship.

Megan Short Memorial Scholarship Apply at

The Megan Short Memorial Scholarship was established in April 2008 to provide students entering into the medical field with the opportunity to seek higher education. This student should show a strong work ethic, be motivated, be diverse in their activities, show academic promise and be community minded. This student must show compassion for others, be kind, caring and a humanitarian.


Strayer Family Fund Scholarship Apply at

The Strayer Family Fund will award a scholarship to one or more students each year. This scholarship should be awarded to a well-rounded individual. The following should be considered when making the selection: grades, school activities, other organized activities, religious activities, social interests, community interests, family interests, employment history, and volunteer time.


Strayer Family Girls Athletic Scholarship Apply at

The Strayer Family Girls Athletic Scholarship was started in 2006 to provide female athletes the opportunity to seek higher education. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be a high school senior who has already been accepted to a four-year college or


2. Must be a varsity athlete and have participated in at least two different sports teams for the last three years.

3. Must presently hold a “B” average.

4. Must be a motivated person active in other school and community activities.

5. NOTE: Attach a personal letter of recommendation from one of your coaches. This must be an actual letter from the coaches of the team sport you have participared in and NOT one of the reccomendations needed for the rest of this application package. Please attach the letter in a seal envelope to your essay.


United Methodist Church Apply at

The Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region offers a scholarship that is available to Bonduel and Shawano members of the United Methodist Church. To apply, please check the front page of this application and a copy of your application will be forwarded to the Appleton Foundation to be considered for this scholarship. You must be an enrolled member of your parish to apply.


Please use the recommendation form attached for the two letters of recommendation required with this application. This form may be duplicated as necessary.

For questions or assistance with this application package, please contact the guidance office.

Items to be submitted with this application:

1. Completed application – page 5

2. Transcript from office

3. List of activities, clubs, service

4. Essays from page 6

5. Two sealed letters of recommendation

Application Website -
Dale Druckrey Scholarship Environmental Scholarships 4/2/2018 $1000
  • Environmental Scholarship---must be pursuing a college degree in Biology, Chemistry, Natural Resources or related interest
  • Summary of activities in Natural Resources required
Application - Druckrey 2015.doc
Dean Proper COLLEGE LEVEL Scholarship Athletic Scholarships 5/15/2018 Varies
  • Recipient will have recieved a previous Proper Scholarship
  • Show evidence that have maintained a "B" average in college
  • Must include grades from current college or university
  • Due May 15th!!!
Application Instructions - D PROPER COLLEGE LEVEL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Revised 1-3-13.docx
Dr. Peter Behnke Honorary Scholarship General 4/2/2018 $500


Dr. Peter Behnke has worked in the field of education for 40 years and has been the District Administrator for the Bonduel School District for the past 25 years. This scholarship was started by his children to honor Dr. Behnke, his commitment to Bonduel High School, and the legacy he will leave behind. As a recipient of this scholarship the individual must excel in both academics and athletics and be perceived as a “well rounded individual”. These are qualities that Dr. Behnke feels are essential to be successful not only in post high school education but in life.

Other Information:

Scholarship Amount: $500

Criteria for eligibility:

  1. Applicant must be a member of the National Honor Society
  2. Excel Academically—applicant must have at least at 3.0 GPA to apply
  3. Excel Athletically—applicant must have be involved in minimum 2 sports for at least 2 years in high school
  4. Applicant must have ZERO violations while in high school
  5. Applicant must be a well-rounded student who has excellent character
Application - Behnke Scholarship 2015.docx
Justin Jeske Memorial Scholarship Athletic Scholarships 4/1/2018 $1000

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Applicant must have a GPA of at least 2.5.

  • Applicant must have played high school football for 2 years.

  • This scholarship can be given to a student pursuing a 4-year degree, technical college degree or post-secondary training.

  • Applicant must be accepted to a program/college by Senior Awards Banquet.

  • Scholarship award is $2000 ( 3 will be awarded this year--2018)

Please attach the following:

  • your transcript for proof of GPA

  • football requirements

  • short essay (250 words or less) explaining how your football experience has impacted your life

Application Form - Jeske Memorial Scholarship.doc
Larry Reisner Memorial Scholarship Health Sciences/Medical Field Scholarships 4/2/2018 $500

Larry Reisner Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is to provide students entering into the medical field with the opportunity to seek higher education. This scholarship will be for $500 and will be awarded to a Bonduel High School Student each year. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a graduate of Bonduel High School.
  • Student must be accepted into an accredited college, university or technical institute.
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or a “B” average.
  • Must be seeking higher education in a medical field to include medical doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, physical therapist, lab technician, rehabilitative care specialist or medical research.
  • This student should show a strong work ethic, be motivated, be diverse in their activities, show academic promise and be community minded.
  • This student must show compassion for others, be kind, caring and a humanitarian.
  • Submit a 300 word essay answering the following question:


    ?Since a career in the medical field would require compassion and the desire to help others, what do you do or have you done, voluntarily to "make a difference" in someone's day or life?

Make sure you have put your name, college accepted to, and field pursuing in top right corner.

NEW Landscaping Scholarship Environmental Scholarships 4/2/2018 $250

Critera for scholarship:

*Applicant must be a graduating senior at Bonduel High School

*Senior must be pursuing a degree/program in Horticulture/Plant Science, Forestry, Landscaping, etc.

*Graduating senior must have at least a 2.0 GPA and be accepted to a program by time of award.

1.  List of experiences---see application form

2.  Essay---see application form


Amount of Scholarship: $250

Disbursement: Will be disbursed in the spring semester of your first year of college (Jan/Feb)

Teacher Selection committee will choose recipient. Recipient will be announced at Senior Awards Banquet in May of senior year.

Other Information:

Please list any experiences you have in regards to the degree/program you are pursuing:

Application Form - Landscaping scholarship 2017.doc
NWTC Scholarships General 4/15/2018 Varies

The application for fall 2018 scholarships opens March 1st and is open through April 15thWe need your help to spread the word to students!  One application submitted and they can match up to multiple scholarships!


Here are the simple steps for students to apply: (more details on attachment “Applying for NWTC Scholarships”)

1.)    Log into the my.NWTC student portal

2.)    Click on the “Finances” header

3.)    Scroll down and click on the “Apply for a Scholarship” link under the “Scholarships” header

4.)    Click on the “Start Application” button and follow directions


·        “Student scholarship application help guide” is attached for more details in assisting students

·        “Scholarship FAQ” – answers to frequently asked questions regarding applications (this document is also on the application home page for students)


PLEASE NOTE:  For an application to be qualified and reviewed for scholarships, the student must have one completed letter of recommendation.  If you are asked to complete one, please do your best to complete it or decline it in a timely manner so that they may add a new reference. 



Wendy M Challis

K12 Relations / Learning Solutions

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College  |  2740 West Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54307  |  Website:
Office: 920.491.2600|  Fax: 920.498.5522 |  Email:

Description: Description: facebook logo

Career & Technical Education Resources


Application Information - for NWTC Scholarships.docx
Scholarship FAQs - FAQ.pdf
Scholarship Application Guide - scholarship application help guide.pdf
Reisner Insurance Scholarship Business Related Scholarships 4/2/2018 $500
  • Must be enrolled in a 4 year college
  • Must be pursuing a degree in business
Application - Insurance.doc
TIP Grant General 4/1/2018 TBD

TIP Grant Website


Grant Website/Application -
Tom Flanagan Wrestling Scholarship Athletic Scholarships 4/2/2018 TBD
  • The recipient will be chosen based on accomplishments, leadership, character, teamwork, GPA, and rank in class
  • The scholarship may be split among mulitple recipients
  • Must have participated in wrestling
Application Form - Flanagan Scholarship.doc
White Clay Lake Area Sportsmanship Scholarship Environmental Scholarships 4/2/2018 $500
  • Student should be entering the Natural Resources field


GPA average of 3.0 first semester of college

Proof of enrollment into the Natural Resources field second semester of college


Application Form - Clay Lake Area Sportsman Club Scholarship.DOC
Wisconsin Title I Association Student Scholarship General 2/1/2018 $500
  • Be a resident of Wisconsin
  • Be a graduate of an accredited high school
  • Show a sincere desire and interest in furthering his/her education
  • Plan to attend an accredited university, college, or two-year technical college
  • Have been in a Title I/Chapter I program between early childhood and grade 12



WI Title I Scholarship -